130 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Watching, But The Internet Had Their Backs (New Photos)

“These are called market-driven products: they reflect companies’ ability to meet current needs and meet current consumer demand.”

However, there is another influence – market driven products. “Brands also have the ability to create needs that didn’t exist before, and then create and market products that meet those needs,” author of ‘Branding that means business’ said.


“Classic examples are luxury brands, which have a large influence on what society perceives as cool, attractive, and desirable. However, other popular brands also have the power to ‘create’ needs. Nike, Apple, and even Starbucks There are also great examples. Brands that do it at relatively accessible prices. Pumpkin spice lattes don’t require a deep-seated human. And yet, every fall, there’s a huge push for PSLs. is the market, which Starbucks created and continues to dominate,” Johnson explained.

“Overall, the products on the market reflect the best capabilities of commercial technologies to meet current human needs. At the same time, the consumer world responds to these needs, and provides products that meet these needs. It’s a complex interaction between brands, consumers, culture, and market forces.”

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