130 photos of interesting, scary or weird designs that made people say ‘what is a crazy house?!’ (new pictures)

What does your home say about you? It can tell the world that you are extremely clean. It can say how much of an artist you are, if you have given the house a creative paint job and quirky decorations. Your home might tell visitors that you wish you lived in a different decade, or it might represent your unconditional love for cats. Whatever story your home tells about you, you should be proud of it! Your humble abode. yoursAnd I’m sure the world will be happy to see it. Especially if you’ve thought outside the box in terms of design and decor.

Below, we’ve collected some of the wildest and most adorable pictures from us. What is the Crazy House Instagram account?, so you pandas can get some inspiration for your homes! (Or just marvel at how brave these other homeowners are…) Don’t forget to upvote the photos that fascinate or confuse you, and then let us know in the comments below if you own any of these wild homes. Ready to move in.


Also keep reading to find out about a conversation we were lucky enough to have with What the Crazy House, the creator of Robin, and then if you’re interested in seeing more of these quirky houses, you can find can do KristenBellTattoos.comThe last article of the same Instagram account. right here!

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