13 of our photos of humpback whales playing in the ocean with us.

Our team swims with whales around the world. But the Kingdom of Tonga is somewhat unusual. Only here, you can come face-to-face with a 15m humpback whale – and they’re not going anywhere. They circle you, look at you, flap their wings, wag their tails, snort at you. And they sing! You can also hear whale songs from the beach.

Why Tonga? Humpback whales, like any other animal, are looking for the safest place to breed their offspring on their migration route in the Antarctic. As it happens, their choice is the Kingdom of Tonga. In the calm shallow waters near the islands, the whales hide their newborns from killer whales and other predators. A young whale, born with a length of about 4.5 meters, will spend the first two months of its life here: it will grow strong, gain weight and only then will it travel across the oceans.


Despite their size, whales are excellent swimmers and completely non-aggressive. They may swim a couple of feet away from you or wave their huge wings in front of you, but they are well aware that they can harm small creatures like humans, so they behave as carefully as possible. . Incredible experience!

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