127 Important Historical Photos That May Change Your Perspective on Things

In 1826, Joseph Nicephore Napés, a French inventor, came up with something that forever changed the way we see, experience, and remember the world and its history. This was the birth of a camera that took the first photograph on a piece of paper coated with tar from his window in Le Grasse. Of course, it didn’t look even remotely similar to what we think of as a camera.

Many photographic inventions followed, each more amazing than the last, but it wasn’t until 1900 that people could get their hands on lightweight and portable cameras.


These early days of photography were not just the beginning of something great, but these efforts forever preserved history along with its people and their lives. “Season of historyOne such brilliant Facebook page is dedicated to sharing great historical events captured in photographs.

From pictures of everyday life in the past to some of the most memorable moments in human history, a thrilling walk below awaits.

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