124 ‘mildly interesting’ things seen in nature that are truly astonishing (new photos)

If you suddenly feel like you are more attracted to nature than ever before, you are not alone. This new research Unveiled massive public support from the UK’s largest nature conservation charity, the RSPB, to 4 in 5 people putting nature at the center of coronavirus recovery plans for the government.

I mean, surviving the public health crisis caused us all to reevaluate our life choices, values, and intentions. One of which became an almost universal realization that we need more self-care, more human connection, and more Mother Nature.


So for anyone who craves greenery, animals and the soul-soothing gifts of nature, we have this wonderful collection of pictures inspired by nature. r/mildly interesting subreddit. From an incredible desert bloom and frozen windscreen that looks like an award-winning shot of the Everest Glacier to incredible flowers and oddly shaped fruits, these are nature’s curiosities that people have seen and shared with others besides There are very few options.

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