123 Times Older People Used Social Media And It Didn’t Go As It Was (New Pics)

In the early 1990s, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee released the source code for the world’s first web browser and editor, which was royalty-free, easy to use, and eventually evolved into the Internet as we know it today. .

Of course, there were those who doubted the technology’s longevity. Not to mention people who have already built their lives around other things and can’t be bothered with “child’s play”. But now that their friends and family, including their beloved grandchildren, are all using it, even these people are creating social media accounts to connect with them.


While it’s pretty impressive that they’re trying to tame all the terrible hardware and software, some of their efforts result in pure comedy gold. At least by our standards. And the funniest can be seen. Instagram account ‘Old People Facebook.’

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