120 Photos of Animals Just Living Their Best Lives, As Shared on This Instagram Page (New Photos)

Welcome to “the snuggle is real, “A very random Instagram account featuring pictures of very random animals. And when we say random, we mean a whole lot.

You know how cats are notorious for some of the biggest mysteries on the planet known as the “cat logic”? Well, it turns out that many other animal species display similar behaviors that defy common sense and create their own unique sense of whatever hoomans think they know about them… It’s called “logic”. So, we have bird logic, dog logic, reptile logic, you name it.


Another way to look at these random animals caught on camera and find some explanation for their stupidity is to realize that they are simply busy doing what they know best, which is simply living their best lives. So yes, it turns out there’s a lot to learn from these weirdly cute furballs. While the account’s 86.3k followers are probably nodding their heads right now, I leave the forum for animal photos that take randomness to a whole new level.

pst! Part 1 with more pictures of animals waiting for the time of their lives right here,


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