120 Little-Known Facts About Animals That Made People Say ‘Ow’ (New Pictures)

As long as we humans have been exploring and describing the world around us, we have only scratched the surface. Actually, scientists Estimated That there are about 8.7 million species of plants and animals, however, only 1.2 million of them have been identified and described so far (most of which are insects). This means that millions of other organisms remain a complete mystery.

But of course, even such a “small” number is too big for us common people to sustain. And Subreddit ‘Awweducational’ This is a great example. Its 4.9 million members continue to share little-known facts about the animal kingdom, and even though the online community was founded in 2012, it never seems to run out of cute and educational topics. Which will surprise everyone.


So on to us though Having already written about ‘Awwducational’ here and here, we decided to compile the best posts that have gone viral since our last publication. They are too good to pass up!


It takes energy to release their grip and open their little fingers before they fly off into the night.

JMyers666 , Reports


This amazing 'baby' bone bed contains numerous, exceptionally well-preserved baby Psittacosaurus dinosaurs.

Most strikingly, the large animal was not s*xually mature, meaning it was not a parent, suggesting communal behavior of rearing young, hence its name. , Reports


The majestic quetzal is a sacred symbol in Mesoamerica and the national bird of Guatemala, depicted on the country's flag.  They favor fruits in the avocado family, eating them whole before regenerating pits.  Basically making them avocados "the gardener" Their forest habitats

They favor fruits in the avocado family, eating them whole before reassembling the pits. Essentially making them the avocado “gardeners” of their forest habitats


IdyllicSafeguard , Reports

Although vultures may have a notorious reputation for being stubborn, they are actually very fearless and intelligent, playful and curious with hunters.

When the donkey in Arkansas received gifts a few days ago, his owner said he “always gets so excited when he gets a new gift”.

KimCureAll , Donkey shelter Reports

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