12 Terrifying AI Movies to Watch After M3GAN

There are so many new movies coming straight to streaming services these days that it can be easy to overlook some great movies. Despite a strong cast that included Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne, another great sci-fi horror thriller titled I’m a Mother flew past a lot of people’s radars in 2019. However, if you’ve just watched “M3GAN” and are looking for a new terrifying story of an AI assistant turned assassin, you’ll find plenty of comparisons in this Netflix original with a dark post-apocalyptic twist.


In I Am Mother, we meet a young girl known only as Daughter (Clara Rugaard) who is cared for by an AI robot known as Mother (Rose Byrne). They live in an isolated underground bunker after some unseen global cataclysm and Mother used human embryos to breed new children to help repopulate the Earth. However, the arrival of a mysterious stranger (Hilary Swank) causes the Daughter to ask questions about what really happened to the planet – questions that the Mother does not want to answer. Further complicating matters is the Mother’s strange ordeal, which results in the Daughter revealing dark secrets that cast doubt on the Mother’s true mission.

A story that will keep you on your toes, viewers should be on their guard with I Am a Mother because nothing is as it seems in this paranoid horror thriller. Despite the fact that the film went unnoticed upon release, critics showered him with praise and praised his strong performance, amazing twists and amazing effects.


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