12 Most Disturbing M3GAN Moments Ranked

From the moment M3GAN is fully built, the process of going from zero to spooky moment won’t take long. We see that after talking with Cady, Gemma is looking to improve on the robot prototype she previously showed her boss. Cady, upon seeing Gemma’s old robot named Bruce, remarks that if she had something like this, she would probably never need another toy. This leads to Gemma completely redesigning her invention to fit Cady and possibly other kids. This eventually leads to a fully finished M3GAN with fashionable clothes and a cute, albeit supernatural, face.


After their admittedly very strange introduction to each other, Megan quickly teams up with Cady as her primary user. It is during this episode that we are given a taste of M3GAN’s POV, a recurring motif throughout the film. In an instant, M3GAN makes Cady’s happiness their number one goal. Of course, there is nothing alarming about this … right? This is a moment that is unsettling because of the film’s premise, which means you, the viewer, already know it could end badly. It’s also another potential homage to another killer robot movie, in this case The Terminator, especially with distorted cybernetic first-person shots.

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