115 healthy photos of pets that were adopted this November.

Contrary to popular belief, rather than cats and dogs, the first American animal activists focused mostly on horses, working tirelessly for the welfare of animals that were an important means of transportation.

Then, on April 14, 1869, Caroline Earl White and a group of women established what is now considered America’s first animal sanctuary in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. In addition to horses, its mission expanded to “provide a shelter for lost and homeless dogs, as soon as possible, where they can be housed until they can be found a home.” Go, or they should not be housed at all.”


It marked a turning point. The concept of a shelter, or even a municipal pound, as a place where you can go and find a pet, According to Historian Burney Onti really took hold in the late 19th century and has grown steadily since then.

So to celebrate how far we’ve come, on us Continuing our monthly series, we’ve rounded up the cutest pet adoption photos. Keep scrolling to check them out and if you’ve missed our previous posts, we invite you to check back in October, September and August.


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