105 times people got away with their DIY Christmas decorations.

If you want to seriously impress Santa Claus this year, you might need some inspiration. There’s really nothing like making your own Christmas decorations and ornaments. They are unique. They are really personal. And we’re sure you’re helping your neighbors!

Cute and subtle, cute and beautiful—our team is here. Everyone’s got something to inspire and inspire. Scroll down for some of the most imaginative DIY Christmas decorations you’ve ever seen. Salute to these people, they have seriously raised the bar!


When you’re done voting and enjoying the beautiful photos on this list, we cordially invite you to check out our earlier articles on creative holiday decorating here and here. We’d also love to hear how you’re decorating your halls this year, so be sure to swing by in the comments and paint us a word picture.



“Instead of scraping every detail from the other buildings, I chose modular facades from Woodland Scenery for the windows and doors. It was very close to downtown Truckee. Everything was made of styrene. I flat and Buy styrene sheets in brick molds. For the walls and other small details. I had to kitbush the white building with styrene brick sheets that I cut to match the modular pieces of the other buildings. When I got some red Cut out the words “Café” on the sticker tape that came with it, I just plugged it into a battery source and it lit up. I put a smoke unit in the chimney of the Rex Hotel. Looks very real.”


QrtJester Reports


Imitation is the best form of flattery, so don’t be shy to get a little inspired by some of these images this year, dear pandas. There’s nothing like observing the outside world to get your creative juices flowing.

The most important thing is that you and your nearest and dearest love how your home looks. There’s really no point in putting too much pressure on yourself and catering to others just for the sake of social media likes. You do, no matter how refined or quirky your style is.


At the end of the day, you won’t really be able to please everyone with the way you decorate your home. Someone might take issue with the fact that you cut down a Christmas tree and put it up in your living room.

Someone else might find your color choice for your baubles not to be stylish this year. And others may take issue with your handmade jewelry because they value a different aesthetic.

In short, if you try to please everyone, you will please no one. Satisfy your taste buds. Create decorations that will bring a smile to the faces of your parents, partner and children. Unleash your inner Santa’s Workshop Elf!

The beauty of it all is that there are so many different ways to be creative. The sky’s the limit (and if you’ve got access to Santa’s sleigh, you can go even higher). You can use a wide range of materials for your Christmas ideas: from fabric and wire to cardboard and wood and beyond. It all comes down to how imaginative you are… and how delicate your hands are.

You may not get the result you envisioned the first time you sit down to do something DIY, but it’s important to stick with it. Watch some how-to videos on YouTube, search the Internet for some guides, and come back to the challenge well rested and ready to go.

Failure is temporary. Unique Christmas Cheezamajigs are forever.

Well, I don't craft often or well, it took me a solid hour, but my husband loved it and I feel so accomplished.  Merry Christmas

I took a strip of cardboard from an old Amazon box and covered it in tin foil after pre-folding it into 4 equal lengths. Taped it together and I had a square shaped tube. Then I placed the image back, made it perfectly long and taped it in place. Hand cut another copy of the photo and taped it to a small piece of thick paper junk mail with a long story that went under the photo and taped to the back. I then took a pen and poked a hole between McClain’s hand and put a Christmas light through it. When I did everything, I noticed that the light was hiding at the top and bottom of the picture. This really bothered me so I made an extra square for the back, covered it in tin foil and taped it on. The final step was moving a paper clip upwards to hang from the tree.

nharer84 Reports

Of course, the decorations are great, but they are only the surface. The holiday season is about more than aesthetics—though the visual feast can lift our mood.

Kindness, hope, charity, family, and love—that’s what the holidays are all about. Humans are hard-wired to socialize, help others, and even give gifts: our brains reward us for these behaviors. However, it’s not just our biology that’s at play. How we are raised also affects how we view altruism and compassion.

“Many of us have been raised to believe that this is the ‘right thing to do.'” Basically, all spiritual belief systems have a version of the ‘Golden Rule,’ ‘Do unto others. As you would have them do unto you,’ Suzanne Daggs-White, a professor from Northern Illinois University, explained to Board Panda where our instinct for kindness lies in a recent interview.

“We also do good turns because we know that one day we might need a little generosity from the universe, so it’s like putting ‘money’ into a karma account. After all, humans are wired for that. “It’s created when we do something. Kind to others, we feel good about ourselves, and when we do something good for someone else, neurotransmitters like endorphins and oxytocin get a boost,” she said. said

I made a little Christmas gnome/elf door

The door is about 20-25 cm high. The stone parts were made of Finnfoam and the door was foam rubber, the window frames are ice cream sticks. There is a piece of hardboard on the back for support. Cat, doorknob and plant pots are silk clay and fimo clay. A small pine tree and Christmas wreath I made from artificial flower parts. Painted the scene in the window with acrylics.

vutunpaska Reports

“It’s through cooperation that society works, so the survival of the human race depends on being willing to help others. Family values, spiritual beliefs, and biology all play a role in this motivation,” the professor told us. Told earlier.

“Many of us take pride in serving others because it is culturally valued and we want to matter in our world. So when we do good, we are helping others in need. Show our willingness to help those in need. Faith-based motivation to treat others as we would want us to uphold family values, and our minds when we help others. Gets a positive jolt of happiness.

So while it’s great that we want to decorate our homes and feel full of holiday spirit, we also shouldn’t forget what it’s really about. The decorations we create and offer are more than just beautiful things to admire—they are a symbol of our values.

Dear pandas, which of these decorations impressed you the most? Did any of these make your jaw drop (some of them totally stunned us)? Was there an ornament you couldn’t wait to adapt to your home environment? How are you enjoying the holiday season so far? Drop us a line, share your experience with DIY, or just praise all the creators on this list—it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Made some DIY ornaments for the tree this year.  Loved how they came out

I just used some air dried clay. I pulled out a slab and went crazy stamping.

irken89 Reports

A little DIY Christmas idea

All you need is old bottles, some dried flowers and a colorful candle. A quick Christmas decoration is ready, which you can adapt to the seasons.

helke.sophie Reports

Christmas decorations for the kitchen.  Crochet tea cozy

I made and broke like Penelope of Odysseus for 4-5 days. After much experimentation, I did what I wanted to do.

Geomimi Reports

My little boys were worried that Santa wouldn't come because we don't have a fireplace/chimney in our house.  So I decided to make one for them this week.

Complete with a mount for a TV playing Yule Log video. I can’t wait to see their reaction in the morning.

Farkinguy Reports

Christmas photo frame

I printed out Saskia’s free template and transferred it to the pan of the picture frame. I glued the fir branches and peppercorns to the paper with hot glue.

Tinker Home Reports

Today I got an idea for a Christmas tree.  I made these beautiful pendants for the Christmas tree with my girls

For this pendant you need a wooden disc, two small branches, two pairs of eyes, a pompom, a string and some glue. Have fun crafting.

daheim_auf_reisen Reports

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