105 Awesome Things People Do With Extra Time On Their Hands, As Shared On “Something I Made” Online Group (New Photos)

These shoes were made for walking, and these gloves were made to handle all the lemons that life can throw at you at any time. Lamps, paintings, handbags, and more that we humans are capable of creating with just a little inspiration and sweaty work.

Regardless of the outcome, handmade goods are always to be celebrated. They’re unique, and maybe sometimes imperfect, but that’s all the more reason to be proud of what you’ve created. And today, to give you some inspiration and a ‘surprise’ or two, we’ll take a look at her latest posts. r/somethingmade subreddit.


Be sure to upvote your favorites as you scroll, leave a few comments along the way and tell us the most creative thing you’ve ever done, maybe even share links—we’re curious, right! And if you’re craving a little more, Have you covered an article here? Now let’s get into it!

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