102 Beautiful Glitter Tattoos That Could Inspire Your Next Piece of Ink

Nowadays, there seems to be no limit to what tattoo artists can do. You can get a tattoo When you move your body changes.Like a butterfly that spreads and closes its wings or a dinosaur that raises and lowers its head to eat. (Dinos get hungry too!) You can get a tattoo. Appears to be 3D or an optical illusion.and for all you glitter lovers out there, you can even get tattoos that appear to glow.

Below, we’ve collected some of the most beautiful and whimsical glitter tattoos that you might not have known about, but you’ll soon feel like you need one of your own. From cute animals to a shiny Danny DeVito, we’re sure this list will defy your expectations of what a tattoo can achieve. Also keep reading to find an interview with an experienced glitter tattoo artist Amanda Graves.which created many of the amazing pieces featured on this list.


Enjoy channeling your inner unicorn, and be sure to upvote the photos that inspire you to make your next ink appointment. Let us know in the comments what your ideal glitter tattoo would be, and then if you’re interested in checking out even more inspiring tattoo inspo KristenBellTattoos.comwe recommend reading. This article Next!



To learn more about these amazing glitter tattoos, we reached out to an expert on the subject, Maryland-based tattoo artist Amanda Graves.. This entire article was actually inspired by one. The video was posted by Amanda on Facebook. Educating viewers about how awesome glitter tattoos are and showcasing some of his most beautiful work. On this list, you’ll find many of Amanda’s beautiful pieces, so she was the perfect person to explain exactly what glitter tattooing is all about.

“The ‘glitter tattoo’ has been a style for years, but last year I took a whole new approach to it,” Amanda told “In my glitter realism style, I try to mimic the look of actual glitter using techniques like stippling. The art term for this is technically pointillism,” he explained. “When I do my approach there is a difference in how I approach it, I take my knowledge of contrast and color theory to give it the illusion that it’s glowing. Different. Colors bring out the best in other colors and I benefit from these combinations.


We were also curious how Amanda got into glitter tattooing. “I’ve been tattooing for a long eight years, and I’ve done most of the styles along the way,” she shared. “Studying under different people has given me immense knowledge and techniques that have advanced me in my craft.”

The idea of ​​glitter tattoos came from an unexpected place, though. “This may seem unrelated, but my years of being a competitive cheerleader have always made me obsessed with glitter,” Amanda told “My daughter competes now, and as a coach/happy mom, I’m still involved. One day when I was doing her makeup, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if I’m going to look like this.’ can I use in reference to my next project?’. It kind of went from there!” Amanda also says that she definitely prefers getting those flashy tattoos to the art she used to do. “I love seeing my clients swoon over their shiny pieces, and I enjoy the actual process every time I do it!”



Amanda has created countless amazing pieces, as you can share on her. Instagram And Facebook page, but we were curious if any tattoos stood out as his personal favorites. “Every week I think I have a new favorite, but I’ll highlight a few,” he said. “My Lisa Frank-inspired Chef Billy, my Beetlejuice Sandworms, my Grim Reaper, my Finding Nemo skirt, and my poison are the ones that stick me out the most.” But Amanda made it clear she was proud of every single piece. “Clients are the only reason I’m able to work and do this style, so I put my heart into every project.”

We also asked Amanda if a particular tattoo works best for this flashy look. “Contrast and bold lines are everything! If a tattoo is executed well, there will be contrast in brightness, and longevity,” he explained. “Anything with bright colors, and preferably no cover-up!”

And when it comes to what kind of person should get a glitter tattoo, Amanda says they’re for everyone. “Anyone who wants a tattoo should get a glitter tattoo if they’re into it! Realistic expectations are important though. Obviously I’m not using real glitter, so it doesn’t really reflect in the light, ” she notes. “Going into the project, a client should remember that sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight will keep your colors looking long-lasting.”

Lucky for all of us who are interested in getting glitter tattoos, Amanda plans to keep creating these beautiful pieces for a long time. “It’s surreal to see a style I’ve created take off and become a ‘trend,'” she shared. “Growth is my priority, and I only hope to make my work better and better!” If you want to see more of Amanda’s work or book an appointment for your very own glitter tattoo, be sure to check out her Instagram right here And his Facebook page right here!

Are you inspired to add a shiny piece to your personal canvas soon? I love my tattoos, but I have to admit, they look pretty boring after looking at this fun list. We hope you enjoy these beautiful photos, and keep voting for all the tattoos you wish you had thought of for yourself. Let us know in the comments what you think would make an amazing glitter tattoo, and then if you’re looking for more awesome tattoo inspiration than Board Panda, check out the next article!

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